Integrated - the collaboration of multiple skill sets and experiences.

Offices in:

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Kitimat, British Columbia


Why Integrated?

   We believe in providing diverse experienced professionals collaborating to tailor a product that fits exactly what our clients need and want. 

Onsite Services

- work at height rescue (rope rescue)
- advanced care paramedics
- confined space safety/rescue
- supplied air (air trailer)
- water rescue
- COVID-19 testing
- construction safety (NCSO)
- bicycle based medical response

Consulting Services

- fire risk assessment
- wildland fire mitigation
- site hazard assessment
- site specific rescue planning and training
- aboriginal awareness
- emergency services leadership
- leadership coaching
- British Columbia Office of the Fire Commissioner Play Book compliance and training

Training Services

- get your industry courses here (tickets)
- blended online or in person
- let us build a training strategy for you and your company
- industry specific technical rope rescue training
- industry specific confined space rescue training

A few of our clients

Our story

Two friends and co-workers, both firefighter/advanced care paramedics, took a chance in 2014. We both were frustrated working standby jobs; we wanted to surround ourselves with a team that were experienced and properly trained. Too often companies put out crews with no experience. We knew we could provide quality; health and safety is not for someone without experience. We hire trusted well trained and experienced coworkers, our crews are our friends, we trust each other with our lives, or clients get the best. Professionals that are cross-trained in emergency medical, firefighting and specialty rescue. We expanded to Kitimat, B.C. in 2018 with the same plan, Local firefighter/paramedics owning the Kitimat Office. We have continued to evolve, creating diversity on our leadership and consulting team.

During these challenging times we are very proud to be locally owned and operated.

Our Partners